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Employee Reimbursement Procedures

Employee Reimbursements - Products

·         Product Reimbursements

·         Requesting Reimbursement

·         Reimbursements over $500

·         Direct Deposit

Product Reimbursements

If a WSU employee pays for an item and seeks reimbursement, the department must use the procedures on below to process the reimbursement.

o   The maximum amount allowed for an employee reimbursement is $5,000.

o   The department is not required to obtain prior approval from Purchasing Services for an employee reimbursement.

Requesting Reimbursement

  • Prepare a State of Washington Invoice Voucher, see BPPM 70.20.
  • Include the following items with the request:
    • An itemized original receipt from the vendor
    • Provide a detailed description of the circumstances that required the use of this exceptional procedure.
    • Obtain an expenditure authority signature.


Reimbursements over $500

·         In academic departments, the chair, dean, or a responsible administrator above the dean indicates approval of the purchase by signing under Authorized Signature. 

·         In nonacademic departments, the director, area finance officer, or a responsible administrator above the director indicates approval of the purchase by signing under Authorized Signature.

Direct Deposit

A WSU employee may authorize Accounts Payable to deposit his or her reimbursement in any U.S. bank which is a member of an automated clearing house (ACH).  See BPPM 95.21.

Please note: Accounts Payable direct deposit is separate than Payroll Services and Student Accounts.

 To enroll in Accounts Payable/Travel Services Direct Deposit, click here.

Employee Reimbursement - Meals

Click here for meal reimbursement procedure.


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