Request to Serve Food

What is a Request to Serve Food form?

A RTSF form is used to request permission to pay for meals or light refreshments served at a University training session or meeting.  The responsible Chair or Director must sign the RTSF form at least 5 working days before the event.


When is a Request to Serve Food form required?

A RTSF form is required for ALL STATE and GRANT FUNDED food purchases. 

Please note:  

                         -The following account types do not require a RTSF form:

03A & 03C



15A & 15T 

16A, B, G ,P, H


17C, F, G, K, S


Where do you route the RTSF form after it’s completed?

Route the approved RTSF form to Accounts Payable prior to the event OR attach the completed RTSF form to the invoice.

*For Purchasing Card transactions, the department is required to attach the completed RTSF Form to the monthly reconciliation.

See BPPM 70.33 for food purchases made with discretionary funds (17A).

Please note: Sponsored accounts (Grant Funds) may have additional restrictions regarding food purchases.  Contact Sponsored Programs with questions.

Click here for the form:

Request to Serve Food

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