Accounts Payable Policy Revisions BPPM 70.08


A summary of the changes in the update can be found below, and a specific rundown of how the Prohibited Items list was changed can be found in the following link.

Prohibited Items REV Summary Last revision: 09/14/2014

This revision updates:

  • Cardholder, card reconciler, and approving official responsibilities;
  • Training requirements and access procedures;
  • Procedures for using and reconciling purchasing cards;
  • Prohibited purchases list;
  • Procedures for reviewing and reconciling transactions; and
  • Purchasing Card Application (70.08.21-23) and Purchasing Card Change Request (70.08.25) forms

The revision also removes:

  • Purchasing Cardholder Agreement and Roles and Responsibilities Agreement forms. The agreements are added to the application form.
  • Appendix: Purchasing Card Reconciliation Report Instructions. A link is added to direct users to the Purchasing Services PaymentNet4 Guidelines website to obtain copies of the reconciliation report. (See: PaymentNet4 Guidelines .)