Accounts Payable ComData Fuel Card

Fuel Card Information and Forms


Washington State University has implemented a fuel card system provided by a contract with the Comdata Corporation. Authorized University departments and personnel may use a University-issued fuel credit card fuel supplier locations that accept MasterCard and are listed as allowable locations/suppliers. A Washington State Merchant Locator Tool is available from the Accounts Payable Comdata Fuel Card website.

Contact Card Services in Accounts Payable for assistance with allowable locations/suppliers outside of the state of Washington.

Use of the fuel credit card at a location not included in the allowable supplier list causes the card to be declined.

Fuel credit cards are to be used to fuel University-owned vehicles and equipment only.


Contact Information

  • Contact the Fuel Card Program Administrator       by email for information about fuel cards
  • Procurement and Fuel Card Manager:                      Deanna Sullivan 509-335-2032
  • Procurement and Fuel Card Coordinator:            Vacant  509-335-2034