Accounts Payable Contracts Desk

Contracts Desk

The Contracts Desk processes payments to vendors who have fully executed agreements with WSU.

  • The Contracts Desk maintains ALL non-sponsored (non-grant) contracts for WSU including contracts for installment purchases, rentals, maintenance agreements, personal services, etc.


The vendor bills Washington State University with a printed invoice, which includes an itemized list of the materials or services supplied.

  • Contract invoices are to be mailed from the vendor to the Contracts Desk. The correct mailing address is:
Washington State University
Contracts Desk/Accounts Payable
PO Box 641025
Pullman, WA 99164-1025

Once the Contracts Desk receives the invoice they are forwarded to the contracting WSU department for authorization to pay.

  • An authorized department representative should review the invoice for vailidity of expenses charged
  • Indicate the WSU Contract #, budget coding under which it is paid, and sign the invoice
  • Return the invoice to the Contracts Desk at campus zip 1025, for processing

Please consult Section 70.21 of the WSU Business Policies and Procedures Manual for a description of the University’s contracting process, or Section 10.10 for a discussion of contracting authority within the University.

Contract Pre-Authorization Form