Accounts Payable Direct Payments

Direct Payments

What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are payments processed from a State of Washington invoice voucher to substantiate and authorize payment when normal purchasing methods are not used (i.e. purchase order or department order).  See BPPM 30.45.2.

Examples of Direct Payments

University departments may process the following transactions with a State of Washington Invoice Voucher:

Processing invoice vouchers for a Direct Payment

The department is responsible for preparing the State of Washington Invoice Voucher and completing the following information:

  • Departmental contact information
  • Name, address, and WSU ID# under Vendor or Claimant
  • Vendor or Claimant signature (electronic signature is acceptable)
  • Itemized list of product or service purchased
  • Expenditure authority signature (original ink signature is required)
  • Attaching original receipts or additional documentation if required

Please note: A University employee may not authorize reimbursement to himself or herself. When the chair, dean, director, or area finance officer is seeking reimbursement, the invoice voucher must be signed by his or her supervisor.

After completion submit original inked documents to Accounts Payable for processing.

Please note: A departmental requisition is not used to initiate a request for vendor payment.