Accounts Payable EMV Purchasing Cards

EMV Purchasing Cards – Overview

EMV Pcards are chip embedded credit cards that the university uses to purchase things with. EMV is a new technology that makes in-person use of the card more secure. WSU is migrating to EMV cards from March – September of 2017. The new cards will have both the chip and the magstripe so they will work with any USA card reader.

You will know if you have an EMV card as it will have the chip on it, it will say “Purchasing” down the left-hand side of the card in grey, the card will be black in color, and it will also have the WSU logo in the top left-hand corner. All WSU credit cards that are replaced from 03/20/2017 and on will be EMV cards. See the “EMV Training Deck” link below for more info.

Please note – the call-in info for the bank has changed, They no longer use the 9999 code, and we do not use any SSN info. Please see the last Pcard newsletter for call-in directions.

On this page we will cover:

Training Requirements

Click on the following link for a training guide on EMV cards. This will also cover how our bank will use this technology with WSU. It is highly recommended that you completely read through this training deck once before using your new EMV card for the first time.EMV TRAINING DECKPcard
There are multiple training requirements that a Cardholder must meet before using their Pcard for both WSU and WA state. Please check that you have completed all requirements on this list before using your card so that you are in compliance with state and university policies. These classes only ever need to be taken once, however it is recommended that you take a refresher every 3 years.WSU Requirements:
1) WSU ILT training class – New CardholdersState Requirements:
As set forth in RCW 39.26, WA State requires that state employees who perform purchasing activities as part of their job duties (i.e. having a Pcard) take specific procurement training.
2) WSU HRS online course – WA State Purchasing & Procurement Ethics

Additionally, if your Pcard has a Single Limit equal to or higher than the Direct Buy Limit (currently $10,000) then there is an additional state required training you must take called “Small Purchases”. See the below link.
3) WSU HRS online course – WA State Small Purchases

Additionally, if your role is higher than that of Cardholder alone (i.e. Director, Area Finance Officer, Expenditure Authority, Contract Delegate Authority, etc.) then there are additional state required training you must take in addition to the above listed classes. To see what those additional requirements are by role, follow the below link to the Purchasing department.
4) DES Training Requirements

Bank Call-in directions

The bank has recently changed the information that you should give them when you call the bank. This is effective as of 11/06/2017. Please disregard any previous directions/information, and only use this new process going forward. The new process is laid out below, in the order the info will be asked for.

Reminder – only Cardholders should ever be contacting the bank, and mostly only to report fraud. All other issues should be brought to the WSU Pcard ADMIN team if possible.

Calling the bank [ JPMC: 800-270-7760 ]

They will need to verify who you are first:

Access code 1 = the last 4 digits of your WSU ID#

Access code 2 = the first 3 letters of your last name along with the number 1 on the end.

Example  – “Jane Doe-Smith”, Access Code 2 = “doe1”

  • Your last name as it is printed on your physical Pcard will be used to generate this code. Ensure that it is listed correctly on the Pcard.
  • If you have more than one name for your last name, or it is hyphenated – the name that comes first will be used for the code.
  • If you have your last name changed on your Pcard with the WSU Admin team – we will update your Access Code 2 to the new last name for you.
  • If your last name is less than 3 characters long, additional digits in numerical sequence (i.e. 1,2,3) will be added to the end. Example – “Mike He” Access Code 2 = “He12”

Date of birth – your actual Date of Birth in MM/DD/YYYY format

NOTE: If the bank wants to send you a verification text message via your smartphone due to a fraud case, WSU does not currently give that information to the bank. The bank will not have a cell number on file for you, and they will not be able to send you any messages. Please do not give the bank your cell phone number, WSU is not participating in JPMC test messages at this time. The other three identifiers listed above should be more than adequate to authenticate you with the bank. If you have any issues, contact the WSU Pcard ADMIN team.

Purchasing Card Activation

NOTE: Instructions are listed in order of preference.

To activate your EMV Pcard, follow the below directions.

NOTE – you only need to use one method

Method 1 (primary method) – Cardholder Calls the Bank
Follow the directions on the sticker found on the card (except for the PIN), call 1-866-602-8170. You will want the physical card nearby when making this call. Ensure to use the new call-in info when you call.

When asked to setup a PIN, you can do so (as there is no option to skip this step), but understand that it will likely never be used. This is used ONLY for international transactions made in person (not online). There is zero need of a PIN for domestic use of a Pcard in person, and all online transactions should not use this.

All PIN management must be done by the Cardholder, as the ADMIN team cannot access this info or make any changes on your behalf.

Method 2 (secondary method) – Reconciler Uses the Link in PNet4
If the Cardholder cannot call the bank to activate their card (preferred method #1), this method should be used as a backup to that.The Reconciler should not use this link unless instructed to do so by the Cardholder.

To activate the card – the Reconciler logs into PNet4, and there should be a blue hyperlink for activating the card in their “Items Awaiting Your Action” box on the PNet4 homepage. Click on it and follow the bank’s directions.

This method will require the use of the 16 digit card number – ensure not to email that number under any circumstances. If you need to communicate this info to or from someone, it is best done over the phone, live.

Method 3 (last resort method) – Cardholder Emails the WSU ADMIN Team
If both the Cardholder and the Reconciler cannot activate the card, this method should then be used. Anyone emailing the ADMIN team for activation will get pushed back on initially to ensure that the new preferred order outlined above is being adhered to.

Send an email to that contains the following information:

  • The cardholder’s First and Last names,
  • The cardholder’s WSU ID# (not your NID),
  • The last four digits of the Pcard number (do not send the full 16 digit number),
  • The date you received the card, and
  • The text “please activate my card” somewhere in the body of the request.

Make the email subject line “Pcard Activation Request” or anything similar.

If the person who is requesting the activation is not the Cardholder, then the Cardholder must be copied on that email request or it will be denied.

Allow for up to 72 business hours to have your request completed. Once done, you will be sent a confirmation via email stating that fact. Once you have received this email, you may begin using your card.

Next steps once you have activated the Pcard (any method):

  • Sign the back of the card with a easily visible pen color that won’t rub off
  • If you have any old cards from this same JPMC account, you can now destroy them. Cutting it up with scissors will work.
  • Begin using your new card!
  • If this card is a replacement or you have a new card number/Exp. date/CVV for any reason, ensure to contact all merchants with whom you saved your Pcard’s info with (i.e. Amazon, PayPal, Office Depot, etc.).

NOTE: to update your Office Depot Account with your new card info, please send an email to

Picking up your Purchasing Card

All Pcards are sent to the Pcard ADMIN team on the Pullman campus, and then are redistributed to the Cardholders from there. Once your card has come in and is ready to be picked up, you will be sent an email letting you know that fact. Cardholders picking the card up in person will need to sign for the card, whereas off site cardholders will no longer need to sign and send anything back anymore.To pick up the Pcard if you are on the Pullman campus:
Ensure to bring a photo ID with you. Any ID with a picture of you on it will work.
Come to French 240K in Accounts Payable any time from Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm.
Your signature will be required when you arrive.
We do not send cards through the mail to those on the Pullman campus. You must come to get it in-person.If you want to send a runner to pick up your card on your behalf, you must email us that fact ahead of time. That email must contain the first and last name of the runner, and the first and last name of the Cardholder(s) for each Pcard that they will be picking up. The Cardholder must be copied on the message if the request is not coming from them. Once that email is sent, it must be acknowledged by the Pcard ADMIN team before you send the runner over. The runner must also bring a photo ID with them and be prepared to sign for the card.To pick up the Pcard if you are located offsite:
Once you receive the email from us letting you know your card is ready, send us an email with the address you want the card mailed to you. Please do not send this info until it is asked for. The mailed card will only have this website on it, and no additional documentation is required anymore.If requesting delivery by USPS (preferred method), we will need your street address.
If requesting delivery by Inter-department mail, we will need your: city/location, building name, and room number.
Please do not send more than one address.
We can only deliver cards to business addresses, please do not send us a residential address.

Rush shipping is available through FedEx at the cost of the cardholder. You will need to provide us with a valid shipping address (no PO Boxes or university buildings) and a FedEx account number. Keep in mind most USPS deliveries in WA state only take a day or two, so this is not much quicker for how much more it will cost.

Questions about the WSU Purchasing Card Program may be addressed to:
Purchasing Card Program Administrator:
Purchasing Card Program Manager: Jeff Senkevich, or 509-335-9527