Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I confirm a purchase order has been paid?

Log into the AIS-PAPR application. In PAPR, type in command QPO then type in the purchase order number. If a payment appears, place an ‘X’ next to that line and hit enter.   The payment details will appear.
Other common PAPR queries are listed below:

  • QPR: query payment request number
  • QCHK: query check number
  • QREF: query payments made on contract or blanket, i.e. C020500
  • QVIN: query payment history to a specific vendor

Can I submit an electronic copy or faxed receipt for payment?

In order to avoid duplicate payment, Accounts Payable requires an original receipt. If the original receipt is lost or not obtainable, a Receipt Affidavit may be completed and attached to the invoice voucher for processing.

How do I confirm goods/services have been received?

There are three methods to confirm an order has been received:

What are the Current Sales Tax Rates?

Washington State sales tax rates are updated quarterly and are determined by the Washington State Department of Revenue. For a list of current sales tax rates, click here.

  • Sales tax is assessed based on the destination of the shipment or delivery, also known as, destination-based sales tax.

What is Use Tax (also referred to as Comp Tax)?

Use tax is a tax on the use of goods or services in Washington when sales tax has not been paid. Goods used in the state of Washington are subject to either sales or use tax, but not both. See Department of Revenue.

When is Use Tax due?

Use tax is due on purchases when the vendor does not charge WSU sales tax and the purchase is taxable in the state of Washington. Use tax is calculated at the rate where the good will be used. Use tax is calculated on the invoice amount including freight charges.

What are the University’s standard payment terms?

In general and unless otherwise noted, invoices will be processed for payment within net/30 days from the date a properly completed invoice is received in Accounts Payable.

  • Invoices will not be processed for payment until all items invoiced have been received, see Receiving Goods.
  • Payments on Contracts shall be considered timely if made by the University within 30 days after receipt of properly completed invoices, unless otherwise notated in the contract.
  • If rush payment is needed, please contact Accounts Payable. See Contact Us.

See WSU’s Purchasing Terms and Conditions for more information.

What are a vendor’s Invoice requirements?

Invoices must bill Washington State University and must contain printed heading with business name and remit-to address. Invoices must also include an itemized list of goods or services. Monthly statements are not acceptable unless supported by itemized invoices. See BPPM 70.16.

Who do I contact to stop payment or cancel a check?

Send an email request to

Can WSU pay vendors via a wire transfer?

Yes. Vendors must supply the information below for wire transfers. Please note: international wire transfers may require more information.
Bank Name:Name on Account:Wire Routing # or SWIFT code:Account #:

when a vendor issues a Credit Memo, how is the credit processed in ap?

Credits are processed when WSU has an invoice amount that exceeds the credit memo amount. For example, a vendor invoices WSU for $1000 then issues a credit memo for $900, after processing, the vendor will receive $100. If the vendor is unable to send WSU a credit memo, please request a refund check.

What is a Departmental Requisition used for?

Departments use Departmental Requisitions to request that Purchasing Services initiate purchases of goods and services. This includes purchases made by purchase order, contract, blanket order or the renewal of these said purchases. Please route Departmental Requisitions to Purchasing Services.

What is the Direct Buy Limit for WSU?

The direct buy limit is a threshold amount set by Washington State statute. Currently, the direct buy limit for WSU is $10,000, before tax and shipping are added. For more information refer to Direct-Buy FAQ’s.

How can an Expense be transferred after payment has been made?

Departments may complete an Expenditure Transfer Request Form, see BPPM 30.25.9. Please provide the purpose of the expense transfer i.e. “to correct an account coding error”. See BPPM 30.25.