Accounts Payable Payment Methods

K-Orders (Department Orders)

What is a K-order (also referred to as Department Order)?

A K-order is a payment mechanism used to make simple purchases of goods or services for less than the Direct Buy Limit of $10k. The K-order generates an encumbrance against the supporting account.

There is a list of prohibited purchases on K-orders, see: BPPM 70.07.2

Creating a K-order

K-orders are created by department personnel using the AIS-PAPR application.

In order to be granted K-order authorization, employees must complete the following:

  • Obtain an AIS userid, by completing Network Services Account Request Form, see BPPM 85.37
  • Complete training as directed by the Washington Department of Enterprise Services (DES), see: EmployeeTraining.html
  • Complete AIS Access Request Form, see BPPM 85.33

For step by step instructions on creating the K-order in AIS, see BPPM 70.07.3

Invoice Processing for K-orders

Invoices should be routed directly to the Controller’s Office. Invoices should meet the following criteria:

  • Must bill Washington State University
  • Must contain printed heading with Business name and remit to address
  • Must include itemized list of goods or services

Please encourage Vendors to reference the K# on the invoice
K-order invoices do not require original signature from the expenditure authority. Approval to pay is granted when the K-order is created in AIS.

Receiving Goods or Services

Departments are required to confirm that Goods or Services have been received prior to Accounts Payable processing payments. There are three methods to confirm an order has been received:

If a K-order is confirmed as received, Accounts Payable will begin the payment process.
If a K-order has not been confirmed as received, Accounts Payable will perform the RIP process.

RIP Process (also referred to as Rapid Invoice Payment)

The RIP process is a streamlined process that allows Accounts Payable to schedule payments when goods or services have not been confirmed as “received” by WSU.

If a K-order has not been received, Account Payable performs the following process:

  • Schedules the payment for a future date (minimum 7 days in advance)
  • Sends a photocopy of the invoice with an affixed stamp, this is the department copy

The department must notify Accounts Payable if a payment is to be held.