Accounts Payable PCard Training Classes and Resources

Required Training Classes

  • Procurement Card: New Cardholders
  • DES State Required Classes
    • WA State Small Purchases
    • WA State Purchasing & Procurement Ethics
  • Verify Procurement Card Transactions

To register, click on the hyperlink above or login to the HRS training system and search for the keyword “procurement” (look for the ILT classes in the results).

Detailed information on classes

Their respective handouts can be found below

  • Procurement Card: New Cardholders (2 hours / 1 session typically scheduled each month)
    This course is the required training for participants in the WSU Procurement Card Program.  Procurement Data Entry Specialists are strongly encouraged to attend and attendance is required of all new Cardholders.

      • Course Materials  BPPM 70.08
      • Training Packet will be sent out upon registration
  • WA State Small Purchases (1 hour)
    Overview:  This is a required course designed for staff who make routine, small purchases including those who use university procurement cards.
    The course will cover:

    • The basics of purchasing and small purchases
    • An overview of procurement laws and policy
    • Guidelines for small purchase methods
    • Information on the purchase card program and small purchase resources
  • WA State Purchasing and Procurement Ethics
    Overview:  This is a required training course for staff who have attended one or all of the following courses:

    • WA State Contract Management 101
    • WA State Purchasing and Procurement 101
    • WA State Small Purchases
    • WA State Executive Management Purchasing and Procurement
      • This Interactive course takes the learner through scenarios designed to assist in identifying real or perceived ethical procurement violations. In addition, the course provides the learner instruction on how to access resources and think critically in order to make ethical procurement decisions.
        • The learner will be able to find resources (i.e., RCWs, policies, guidelines, agency contacts, supervisors, etc…) in order to make ethical procurement decisions.
        • The learner will apply critical thinking in order to make ethical procurement decisions.
  • Workday Procurement: Verify Procurement Card Transactions  (1.5 hours / 1 session typically each month)
  • Strongly encouraged for staff members new to Procurement Cards and for Procurement Card Data Entry Specialists.
    • Overview: This instructor-led course provides information on how to review and approve PCard transactions in the Workday system.
  • This course is designed for WSU employees who hold specific Workday security roles. Please visit WSU’s Workday Training Catalog  to learn more.
    • It is recommended that you take the Workday Foundation Data Model Overview course prior to taking this course to maximize your learning experience.
    • * Training packet and course materials will be sent upon registration for this course.

  • Delegated Users’ Training