Accounts Payable Food Matrix

Food Matrix

The Food Matrix outlines allowability of a food purchase based on the WSU funding type.

 Appropriated Funds FUNDS 001-XX, 100-XX, 057-XX, 143-XX, 148-02Contributed Funds Including 17A FUNDS 846-XXSponsored Programs FUNDS 145-XX PROGRAMS #11-14Self-Supporting Programs FUNDS 148-01, 148-20Auxiliary Funds FUNDS 522-XX, 528-XX, 570-XX, 573-XXPROGRAMS 09G & 14L Conference Accounts Agency Funds Including 17C FUNDS 840-XX
Request to Serve Food FormYesNo
*List of Attendees and Purpose are Required
*List of Attendees and Purpose are Required
Purchase of Consumable AlcoholNoYes
*In accordance with the Gift Use Agreement and donor’s intent
*In accordance with WSU policy BPPM 70.29
Per Diem OveragesNoYesNoNoNoYesYes
Meals for Official WSU BusinessYesYesYes
*if proposed and approved in the Sponsor Agreement
Hosting & EntertainmentNoYesNoNoNoYesYes