Accounts Payable Food Purchases - Request To Serve Food

Request to Serve Food

What is a Request to Serve Food form?

A request to serve food form is used to obtain prior approval to pay for meals or light refreshments. The request form must include a list of participants and purpose of the event.

  • The responsible Chair or Director must sign the request form at least five working days before the event, see BPPM 70.31.

Click herefor the RTSF form.

When is a Request to Serve Food form required?

A request to serve food form is required for State and Grant funded meal or light refreshment purchases. This includes purchases made through a WSU Service Center.
Please note: There are exceptions when a request form is required, see Food Matrix.

Where do you route the completed Request to Serve Food form?

Route the completed and approved request form to Accounts Payable.

  • For Procurement Card transactions, attach the completed request form to the Workday transaction verification.