Accounts Payable Rapid Invoice Payment - Department Orders


Rapid Invoice Payment (RIP) is a streamlined process that allows Accounts Payable to schedule and complete Department Order payments without receipt confirmation from Central Receiving.

  • The RIP process is used when a K-order has NOT been confirmed as received. (see Receiving An Order).

Upon receipt of the invoice, Accounts Payable schedules the payment for a future date (minimum seven days in the future) and notifies the department of the planned payment. Accounts Payable processes the payment on the future scheduled date unless the department requests otherwise.

  • A photocopy of the invoice is routed to the department with an affixed stamp:
    “Attention: This invoice is schedule for payment 7 days from the date below. Contact Accounts Payable if this payment should be held.”

Please note: If the department does not respond within seven days Accounts Payable will process the payment.