Accounts Payable Restricted PCard Purchases


Certain goods and services are unallowable for purchase with the WSU Pcard due to State regulations, University policies or certain risk factors. In each revision of BPPM 70.08, the list of purchases that are unallowable may be revised. Be sure to consult the current policy. Prohibited purchases are listed in the Restrictions section.

Written request for exception can be considered for unusual circumstances. Address such requests to PCard Program Administrator at All requests must be done in advance of the purchase. Exception templates must be signed by the card’s Approving Official, and then emailed to Pcard Admin team for final review. If approved, a copy with our initials on it will then be returned to the requester. Only once this initialed copy has been received may the purchase then take place on the Pcard in question.

Exception Request Templates

To ask for approval to purchase a prohibited commodity that has not been made yet.

Restricted Purchase Template

To account for a prohibited purchase that has already been made.

WSU Merchant Transactions

Pcard transactions are not allowable for any WSU merchants. These should be done as an IRI instead.

This applies to all WSU merchants, which includes (not an exhaustive list):

  • WSU Creamery/Ferdinand’s
  • Cougar Copies/Publications, any standalone copiers, dept. print services
  • Parking Services (incl. any passes and fines), Parking Meters
  • The following CUB Food Court locations – Carlita’s, Freshens, Gridiron, Reunion, Union Marketplace
  • WSU Cafes – Southside, Northside, Hillside, the Cougar Den, Cyber Cafe (SCUE)
  • WSU Markets – Flix, Hillside, Northside, Towers, Global Scholars
  • WSU Espresso Bars – Lighty, CUE, Cleveland, Northside, Stephenson, Carpenter, Hillside Magic Beans
  • WSU vending machines
  • WSU Events – athletics, conferences, REC center, Beasley Coliseum, performing arts (plays, concerts, movies, events), raffles, Rent-a-Rower, concession stands
  • WSU Dept./Club sales – Meats, Cakes, Food Service, Honey, Horticulture, Farm/Orchard, Surplus, KWSU Online Store
  • Motor Pool gas (Kardguard)
  • Purchases made with depts. – The Foundation, Alumni, Children’s center (daycare), IT sales (software/hardware/licenses), AMS, Veterinary services, Extension Workshop accounts, Central Stores
  • WSU student related expenses – tuition, medical care, campus housing, etc…

WSU merchant transactions are allowable on the Pcard for those not located on the Pullman campus for:

  • WSU Connections (WSU Store at Westlake Mall in Seattle; now also in Everett and Spokane)

Pcard transactions are allowable for non-WSU merchants, which includes (not an exhaustive list):

  • The Student Book Corporation (at any campus)
  • The Bookie (Pullman, Vancouver, Spokane, Tricities/Richland)
  • The Bookie Cafe
  • The Starbucks in The Bookie, and the Starbucks in the Spark Building
  • The Residence Inn by Marriott Pullman and The Courtyard by Marriott Pullman (both on the Pullman WSU Campus)
  • The following CUB Food Court locations (Pullman): Panda Express, Subway, and Pizza Pipeline,
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Banyan’s and the Palouse Ridge Golf Club
  • The SCAVMA Bookstore (vet med)