Accounts Payable Cash Advance

Cash Advance

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a specified cash sum issued to a staff or faculty member who purchases good or services in circumstances which do not permit usual WSU purchasing procedures, see BPPM 40.21.

  • An example would be funds for purchase of supplies while on a field project.

Cash advances are supported by accounts in programs 11-14, 10 (fund 148 only) and 17A.

Who may request a Cash Advance?

Only faculty and staff on the WSU payroll are eligible to apply for cash advances.

  • The applicant agrees to properly account for the cash advance and must indicate that he or she understands that the State of Washington has the right to withhold the applicant’s pay against unaccounted balances.

Applying for a Cash Advance

  • Complete a Cash Advance Request Form, see BPPM 40.21.3.
  • Complete a State of Washington Invoice Voucher, see BPPM 30.45.2.

Send original documents to Accounts Payable for processing. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for approval and processing.

Clearing a Cash Advance

  • Complete a State of Washington Invoice Voucher
  • Clearly indicate “TO CLEAR CASH ADVANCE” on the Invoice Voucher
  • Include the following items:
    • Receipts in chronological order and referenced on the Invoice Voucher
    • Receipts for excess expenditures, if applicable

All outstanding receipts and unexpended cash should be turned in to the Controller’s Office within 15 days of return to campus as designated on the Cash Advance Request.