Accounts Payable Cash Advance

Cash Advance


A cash advance is a specified cash sum issued to a staff or faculty member who purchases goods or services in circumstances that do not permit usual WSU purchasing procedures. A typical example would be funds for purchase of supplies while on a field project.


Cash advances, as documented in this section, are issued from accounts in Workday functions FN13-FN015 and FN017, and funds FD026, FD076, FD080, and FD094 only.

See also the Modernization OBIEE Crosswalk website.


WSU administrative units that require cash funds may wish to open a petty cash fund for making purchases (see BPPM 30.50) or a till cash fund for making change (see BPPM 30.51).

Travelers requiring a travel cash advance should follow procedures in BPPM 95.01 and 95.05.

Responsible Expenditures

Recipients of cash advances are expected to disburse WSU funds responsibly and carefully, making every effort to extract a fair value for expended dollars. In addition, all purchases are to be appropriate and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the state of Washington, WSU, and relevant award and contract sponsors’ terms, conditions, regulations, and applicable statutes.

Who May Apply

Only faculty and staff on the WSU payroll are eligible to apply for cash advances.