Problems and Solutions


A problem with an authorized purchase that you’ve been unable to resolve with the merchant

  • Cardholder must exhaust all possibility of resolving the issue with the supplier directly
  • Disputes must be filed by the WSU Procurement Card Coordinator or Manager within 60 days of the disputed purchase
  • After 60 days but within 120 days of the disputed transaction, rights are limited and must be submitted in writing
  • After 120 days have passed, purchases cannot be disputed and the department is required to expense the transaction

Contact the Procurement Card ADMIN team by email for assistance with Disputes.

Expiring Card

The PCard expiration date has a month and a year. The card is good until the end of the expiration month.

Cardholder will be contacted during the month of expiration, when their replacement card has been received in the Card Services office

Cardholders will:

  • Pick up their new card in the Accounts Payable – Card Services offices, French Administration Building, Room 240-EE (Photo ID is required)…  OR
  • Make arrangements with Card Services staff for an alternate method of delivery.

* Note:

  • Card Number will not change on a renewed card, however, expiration date and security code will change.
  • If cardholder has any automatic billing arrangements, those merchants must be advised of the new expiration date and security code.
  • Expired Cards – Cardholders are to cut up or shred, then discard.


An unauthorized use of your purchase card



The cardholder must call 800-270-7760 to report fraud immediately.

  • Know the access code and DOB responses.
  • The card will be cancelled, and a new one issued.
  •  Card Services will contact you to in 7-10 business days to arrange for pick-up or delivery of your new card.

This must be done within 60 days of the transaction posting.

After 60 days have passed, fraud transactions cannot be reported and the department will have to expense the charge.

TRANSACTION Verifiers will find this handout helpful:

Fraudulent Charges: Transaction Verifier’s Guide

Missing Card

Lost or stolen card

  • Phone JP Morgan Chase at 800-316-6056
    • Note: You will need to know the Access Code and the DOB associated with your account.
  • Procurement Card Services will contact you when your replacement card is received (generally within 5-7 business days).
  • Cardholder must pick up the replacement card at French Administration Building Office # 240-EE and present WSU ID or other photo ID or make alternate delivery arrangements with Card Services Staff.

Missing Receipt

There is a no-tolerance policy for lost receipts – find help here

  • If someone who checked out your card did not turn in a receipt, retrain them – there is a no tolerance policy for lost receipts.
  • Try to locate an email order confirmation or packing list with prices.
  • Contact the vendors for a copy of the receipt if necessary.
  • As last resort, prepare Affidavit of Lost Receipt