Accounts Payable Contracts


What is a WSU Contract?

A contract is an agreement between WSU and another party creating obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law. Contracts require detailed terms and conditions addressing each party’s responsibilities and the nature of the work involved. The agreement must be approved by appropriate University officials and signed by a University officer who has received written delegated authority from the Board of Regents or the President to sign such agreements (see BPPM 10.10).

All non-grant related WSU contracts are maintained in the Controller’s Office. Common examples of WSU contracts maintained in Accounts Payable are: installment purchases, leases, rentals, maintenance agreements, personal services or performance agreements.

Initiating a WSU Contract

To initiate a contract, departmental personnel initially contact the appropriate central contract administration office. (See Central Contract Administration Offices ).   The proposing department and the appropriate central administration office work collaboratively until the contracting process is complete. The proposing department is responsible for negotiating and preparing the initial draft of the agreement in accordance with this and other applicable BPPM sections. The central contract administration office provides model agreements for use as contract templates.

Contracting is made up of five distinct steps: negotiation, drafting, review, approval, and performance. NOTE: During the negotiation, drafting, and review stages of contract preparation, the negotiator and other University representatives often provide the other party with information regarding contract terms and conditions. The response from the other party may require additional negotiation, redrafting, and further review.   See BPPM 10.11.

Processing invoices on a Contract

Accounts Payable requires the original inked signature from an expenditure authority and the budget coding under the expenses should be charged to. The approving signature is an indication to Accounts Payable the goods or services have been received and and the conditions are satisfactory in accordance with the agreement.  Please Note: Prior to sending the invoice to Accounts Payable ensure the contract number (C#) is referenced on the invoice.

Original invoices should be routed directly to Accounts Payable (zip: 1025) for payment processing.   Accounts Payable reviews each invoice to ensure compliance is met according to the agreement and in accordance with State of WA policy and Washington State University.  If compliance is met, contract invoices are processed on net/30 payment terms in accordance to WSU’s Purchasing Terms and Conditions. unless otherwise noted in the contract.

Invoices must meet the following criteria before payment can be made to the vendor:

  • The invoice must bill Washington State University
  • The invoice must contain printed heading with vendor name and remit to address
  • The invoice must include an itemized list of goods or services provided to WSU.

Contract Forms