Direct Bill Lodging


To enter into a direct bill arrangement with a new vendor, either the department or vendor may fax a Credit Inquiry Request directly to the numbers below. Each request should be accompanied by an approval on letterhead signed by an authorized signer for WSU’s banking relationship. Contact Treasury Management for the appropriate signer.
Account Validation Fax Numbers:

  • Audit Confirmations: 415.343.9304
  • Credit Inquiries: 415.343.9310


A department may request that the vendor directly bill the department for lodging in accordance with this policy if the lodging is for:

  • Nonemployees or students,
  • WSU employees accompanying non-employees or students, or
  • Five or more employees booking a block of rooms.

NOTE: When a contract is required in association with lodging, the contract must be processed by the appropriate central administrative office (e.g., Contracts Office), or a person to whom delegated contracting authority has been granted in accordance with 10.10. While a department may, within the scope of this policy, use direct billing, the department is not authorized to enter into contracts without an official delegation of contracting authority.


Any payments made in accordance with this policy on direct billing are to be supported, at a minimum, by the following documents:

  • A sufficiently detailed bill to ensure that payments are made in conformance with the written agreement between the parties.
  • A list of the University employees and other attendees for whom such lodging services were provided and the dates the services were provided.
  • Spend Authorization number and business purpose for the trip.
  • Program/Project/Gift/Grant, with lodging exception rule noted if applicable, and signature(s) for all expenditure authorities.