Non-Service Pay Authorization


Nonservice Pay Authorization forms authorize disbursements to individuals who are not obligated to provide services to WSU in exchange for the payments.

  • University officials may not require services in exchange for nonservice disbursements.
  • Recipients may not have a related employment relationship with the University while receiving nonservice payments.
  • Recipients may not teach credit courses or receive WSU benefits in exchange for nonservice pay.
  • Individuals with service responsibilities to the University should be appointed as University employees. Such individuals are not to receive nonservice pay for personal services provided to the University.
  • Nonservice Pay Authorizations may not be used to process student scholarships. See BPPM 30.90 for departmental scholarship procedures.

Nonservice pay typically includes payments for fellowships, traineeships, internships, and other nonservice programs.


Direct questions regarding nonservice pay to the appropriate dean or director. Direct questions regarding the appropriateness of nonservice pay to Human Resource Services.

Direct questions regarding nonservice pay procedures to the Accounts Payable Section of the Controller’s Office.


The submitting department prepares a Nonservice Pay Authorization form to establish the payment schedule.


The department completes the Create Supplier Request business process in Workday to establish a payee.